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NINJIO was founded by Zack Schuler, an entrepreneur who has been in the technology space for over 20 years.  Zack started his first business (Cal Net Technology Group) when he was 21 years old, as a one-man network engineer going from business to business, assisting them with their technology.


Acquiring one client at a time, and one employee at a time, over the next 18 years Zack grew Cal Net to almost 100 employees producing close to $20M in revenue.  In 2013, knowing that there was more in store for Zack, he decided to sell Cal Net.  Cal Net hired an investment banker, and after getting significant interest from the investment community, they picked a Private Equity firm based out of San Francisco with some great talent.  In October of 2013 the transaction was finalized and this started a new chapter for Zack.


One thing that Zack noticed while still at Cal Net, was no matter how sophisticated the security solutions were that his team implemented for his clients, the bad actors still found their way around them, and employees were still vulnerable, thus they still got hacked.


This human vulnerability is what spawned NINJIO and Zack’s purpose to change the landscape of Security Training.  He took a blank canvas and asked “If I wanted to be trained on Security Threats, what format would lead to the greatest engagement, and therefore the greatest results.?”


Drawn out on this blank canvas, and with the creative minds of Bill Haynes, Roy Dequina, and Ben Reynolds, NINJIO has a simply unique and engaging Security Awareness Solution.


NINJIO is self-funded and has no reliance on any outside investors.  We believe in organic growth, one client at a time in a sustainable fashion.  If you’d like more information about NINJIO and our solutions, please call us at 805-864-1999 or email us at



Stay Secure,


Zack Schuler